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Monday, March 4, 2013

Running At Sunrise

I ran early this morning without my Runkeeper. I had deliberately left my phone behind so that I could take my time to watch the sunrise and not rush to complete the planned distance.

Its quite an amazing sight to see the sun rising from behind the horizon clouds in mere seconds! Yes, I could see the whole action as I pounded each step of the way towards the Bougainvillea Gardens.

After running past Bedok Jetty, I looked out to the sea. From the horizon where the neighboring islands stood, the reddish orange sun began to rise majestically before my eyes. It didn't cast a long shadow over me yet as it had stopped just above the horizon clouds. I was trying to estimate the seconds it took to appear from 'below the sea'. It is indeed a beautiful sight to witness the wonders of nature! God's creation?

As always, I hurried my pace and headed towards the direction of the sailing centre before the sun rose higher. Thankfully, I had applied my sunblock thoroughly before I set out this morning. In no time, I had looped back before the UV rays caught up with my face.

The rising sun had, by this time, started to cast long shadows over the shady trees lining the running pavement. My back was facing east while I headed west. 'Good!' I thought. Along the return journey, I saw many retirees taking their morning walk and the occasional rider zooming past me in their cycling gear. It was a breezy morning with clear blue skies as I approached the underpass near my home. By then, the sunshine had gotten brighter while my run had just ended. I must've covered at least 7km along this very familiar running route which has served me very well since January 2009.

It wasn't a fast one this morning as I didn't feel as fit as before since having done only one run last week. In spite of that, I am not complaining. I had watched the sun rise and I am pleased with myself that I am learning how to enjoy running without any timing in mind.

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