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Monday, February 25, 2013

Runkeeper Versus Endomondo

I've tried both apps on my iPhone and this is how I'd rate them: 4 stars. To those who have given two thumbs up for Runkeeper, forgive me for not awarding 5 stars.

While Runkeeper has served its functions very well, I regret that my activity maps and running charts can't be viewed by any of my friends or even myself on Facebook. The link displays a locked symbol even though I've set my sharing to 'friends'. But every detail can be viewed from the app in my iPhone. I'm still scratching my head and trying to figure out how this happened. I tried deleting all my data and de-activating the app before I re-installed again but it seems that my earlier setting on sharing has been captured and stored. That shouldn't have happened. Anyway, the nice part about this app is that it reminds you to get out and run if you've missed one for days. Besides, it is also very detailed as I had specially set it to be that way.

With regard to Endomondo, it is a notch better as my friends can click open and view the details on Facebook. However, its not as sophisticated in terms of audio cues and activating the 'stop' button is harder compared to Runkeeper. Hence, precious time is lost as I had to swipe the phone once before I hit the 'stop' while accelerating my last steps to the finish. Its not easy doing both; you can try. More than once, I couldn't get it right and kept fumbling at the key pads until it was activated. As for the audio cues, despite the 5-second countdown which I had set for my runs, it only worked once when I tested it at home! Moreover, it is less attractive than Runkeeper as I have to upgrade and pay if I want more sophisticated functions added for my trackings.

I just did a run this morning on my Runkeeper. Unfortunately, the phone died at 2.61km! I should've charged my battery the night before. Anyway, I finished a 5km without tracking today. It was a very cloudy morning, no sunshine at all so I took the chance to get out. Since getting this smartphone four months ago, I've stopped using my ordinary wrist-timer. In the past, I used to wear it for all my training runs and road races. Yes, I'm a tad backward with technology but I've joined your ranks, peeps!

So far, I haven't signed up for any races; I've no companion to run with; besides my free time is very unpredictable especially in the evenings when both children are at home. For now I try to do at least two runs per week to get a minimum cardio workout. I still have my gym sessions but its not that cardio.

For the occasional outdoor cycling, I prefer to track it with Runkeeper. Perhaps I'll try to reset this app again and just keep to one tracking device instead of two. The more apps I install, the faster my battery power gets used up in a single day.

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