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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Zumba And Running In Pain

I zumba-ed and ran within two consecutive days. It was drizzling a little when I stepped out this morning but since I was all dressed to go, walking back to my apartment was out of the question. I believed the rain would clear by the time I jogged to the beach. Well, the drizzle did lighten as expected! My plan was to finish a 7km at a steady pace from my usual start location but I decided to cut short the distance towards the end.

First, my fitness level didn't get me past the 6km comfortably. Moreover, I had injured the region around my tailbone three days ago and pounding the pavement did aggravate the pain slightly. Hence, I decided not to push myself further lest I worsen the recovery process. I finished in 34 minutes, about a minute behind my usual speed.

A day earlier, with the pain more pronounced and my runner's endorphins dipping from a lack of physical activity, I forced myself out of the house and headed for the gym. I attended a Zumba class for an hour and felt my energy returning. Zumba is fun but still considered a very low-impact workout for regular runners like myself. There was perspiration alright but my heart didn't pump vigorously enough. With running, it was different.

But yesterday, my zumba was less energetic as I had to protect myself by making sure that I didn't hop or jump too hard in the dance studio. Moreover, I was feeling blue from the circumstances surrounding my injury. But watching my own reflection as I zumba my way along with the catchy songs made me forget the unpleasant situation. Thankfully, my mood had somewhat improved by the end of the session.

My last run was done three days ago on Monday morning, the day that something nasty happened which caused the injury. I had fallen back and landed on my bum. It hurt instantly and I thought, 'Oh no, it can't be my tailbone!'. My husband advised me to ice it which I did. But each time I iced the bruised region, I felt a superficial soreness like a sort of burning pain which eventually surfaced to a red bruise the next day. I thought nothing of it and continued icing the area. But the more I did, the more I suspected that it might not be a tailbone injury after all. It was basically a bad bruise which I had sustained close to the tailbone. That is certainly good news as a tailbone injury could take up to several weeks to recover while a bruise is only superficial. I hope so!!

I looked at my bruise and have just applied Mopiko on it. Oh yes, the reddest part feels a bit warmer than the outer areas. Its a bit darker too and feels sore to the touch. I don't know what else to apply but icing it is out of the question for me. The sore skin hardens and feels very cold and numb; as if the skin is already dead. I hope my skin tissue does not darken when it eventaully heals. More Vitamin C to the rescue!!

Don't ask me how all of this happened. Quite another story which started with my acid tongue and ended a few hours later. I can only recall and sigh regretfully whenever I think about it now. Bruises aside, I wished I could turn back the clock and not let the incident happen. No one wins in the end as the memory will be etched deeply for the rest of my life.

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