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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tuesday's Workout

To me, the best way to rid the mind of disturbing thoughts is to sweat it out. For my own sake,  I chose to leave the house. I ran, lifted some weights at the gym and went biking with my hubby-All in a day's workout! It was indeed refreshing to be out riding in the quiet late evening after having wrestled with my mind for the past few days. I don't like being stuck at home for twenty-four hours; it  isn't my idea of a fulfilling day for an active homemaker like myself.

I rarely run on the treadmill but I had to do it after I missed an outdoor run the day before. Although I haven't signed up for any races yet, I don't like to skip my usual runs either. I prefer to workout with a sense of order and a predictable schedule; my routine shouldn't be too ad hoc.

Compared to all my exercises, running still provides the best form of emotional therapy for me. The irony of such high intensity workouts is that the more you do it, the more energised and less moody you feel throughout the day. You have the energy to accomplish more and feel a lot less lethargic as the day wears on.

I did only twenty minutes on the treadmill but I ran hard enough. I set the pace to begin at 9.5km/hr and then increased the pace every 500m between certain time intervals until I reached 12km/hr towards the final 3 minutes. I still prefer outdoor running anytime as running on a stationary treadmill gives me a light-headed sensation after I step out of the machine.

After dinner, we set off at about thirty minutes past eight. As the kids bade us goodbye and goodnight,  Hubby and I left to explore the Marina Bay South and see the city's skyline on two-wheels. Skill-wise, I am still trying to master the art of road cycling. For someone who's lost her balance umpteen times, I have to overcome my phobia of falling off whenever a vehicle passes next to me or I have to apply my handbrakes in time before a crash occurs. This is a bit nerve-wrecking especially along the stretch of Tanjong Rhu where many taxis are seen entering and exiting from the condominiums. I was left quite far behind as my hubby rode way ahead of me, oblivious to my struggles.

We stopped over at Gardens By The Bay South and ordered just ten sticks of satay with spicy peanut gravy. This is a Malay local delicacy which is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. I didn't want to join him but he grumbled about my lack of fun so I compromised and finished two sticks. While satay may be delicious, it is unhealthy because it is seasoned, barbecued meat like chicken, beef or lamb. Imagine the amount of fats and cholesterol contained in the dish! That's why I never liked barbecued meals. I'm convinced enough that its carcinogenic.

My hubby had initially suggested riding towards Changi Village but I hesitated as I had found the Coastal Road cycle path rather dark and deserted from past experience. Besides, it was a Tuesday night and probably not many cyclists would take a ride out in the late of night. I feel somewhat uneasy without their company. In the end, he heeded my suggestion.

I wouldn't have accomplished so much in a day if it wasn't for my troubled mind.  While some people go into a depressed and self-blaming mode, I resist the urge to do that by keeping myself busy. Moreover, I shouldn't be killing my own joy over a mutual conversation that didn't end the way I had wanted, should I? Of course, at the back of my mind, I'm still wondering if there'd be another conversation after this. I'm not sure; only time will tell.

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