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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bottega Veneta

Its my most favourite handbag label. Its classic and its forever. I've never seen this model before. I came across it while browsing the Hong Kong online store. The black and espresso colours on the leather embroidery captivated me at once.

See the price tag? It works out to about $S4.5k. It doesn't come cheap because it is a forever handbag. It goes with my entire wardrobe and shoes. Just perfect!

I could save first or I could negotiate with my hubby to half it with me. Its a personal desire; not an urgent need although the threading on my regular handbag is breaking at the handle very soon. I do need one if I'm not too fussy.

Hmmm...I know I won't splurge on a $S4.5k handbag at this point in time. Priorities. If I receive it as a gift, that will be so meaningful and special. Apart from my hubby, there's no one else who will get it for me. Wishful thinking...

Its a matter of time before I own one. I know I will. If it isn't the one above, it will be another Bottega Nappa anyways.