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Friday, November 7, 2014

A Short Story - Ah Kong

The post-lunch crowd at Coffee Bean dampened her for awhile. Every seat and almost every table was occupied.

'I've just arrived but its packed here,' Scarlet texted quite anxiously.

It was their first date after all and she was somewhat nervous, wondering how the meeting would turn out that afternoon.

Ah Kong had arrived earlier but he remained in his C180 until it was time to walk in. She was beginning to feel the jitters as she spotted a rather tall, tanned and slim-looking gentleman enter the café. He tried his best to remain calm and relaxed, carrying his ipad in one hand, his mobile and ignition key in the other.

For the first time, they met. Both standing, Scarlet felt awkward but Ah Kong suggested an outdoor table for the time being.

"What would you like to drink?" he asked graciously.

Scarlet sat rather shyly with her head turned away from the café. She didn't want to stare at the gentleman who was making his orders at the counter inside. She didn't look her best that afternoon. She wanted to be herself, casual yet presentable in a dark pink sleeveless stretch tee and a black printed Desigual flared skirt.

Stealing a quick glance at her new date, he was already staring in her direction. He motioned her to come in but she was too nervous to comprehend his gesture until he walked towards her seat and led her inside.

Ah Kong looked smart in his typical office attire. His white shirt had caught her attention. Those buttons and the quality stitching at the seams reflected his image. But it was his watch that gave her another reason to chat about. The watch looked rather impressive on his tanned wrist.

"Its IWC", he quipped and went on to share about his background.

"I have Thai blood, from Kanchanaburi.".

The more she fidgeted, the more nervous he became.

"You are making me nervous too, haha!" Ah Kong laughed awkwardly.

He was looking at her eyes and admiring them all the while. He liked her instantly but didn't want to express anything on their first date.

Scarlet glanced at her watch and realised that it was past four in the afternoon. He had to return to his office soon and she had to be home as well. Time had passed too quickly.

"Don't worry about me, I can take the train back", she assured him. But Ah Kong didn't want to let his chance slip by. He had to drop her off in his car, somewhere, somehow. He was running late but he insisted on driving her for a  short while.

The ride was smooth going. He was chewing on a mint gum and offered her one but she politely declined. By this time, Scarlet was beginning to warm up to the gentleman whom she had met face to face for the first time. She fancied him too. Something about Ah Kong had made her heart skip that afternoon. Perhaps, it was that photograph he sent to her barely an hour before they met. She was impressed with his image and somewhat looking forward to their first meet up.

As he pulled over at the train station car park, she leaned forward and gave him a light peck. He reciprocated willingly. It wasn't even a kiss but a mere second contact on the lips.

"Thanks for the lift", she smiled sweetly.

Ah Kong exited from the driver's seat as she did from the passenger's. Almost instinctively, she came towards him and gave a bear hug. He smiled at her and stood at the same spot as she walked away in the direction of the bus-stop.