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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Alter Ego

By definition, it means ' A person's alternative or secondary personality'. I have found my alter ego; what is yours? It isn't someone else, despite what another definition puts it. It is a part of me.

On reflection, my alternative personality isn't a new phenomena. I may not have seen it coming but it was there years before I even realise it. My own personality is the more public side that my friends, loved ones and colleagues recognise and accept. It is revealed in my daily thoughts, words and actions. I am comfortable with my own personality. Its my alter ego that I'm still getting used to whenever it surfaces.

Check: It isn't a split personality disorder. An alter ego is as normal as can be. It is another side whom those in your daily lives have not seen or recognise yet.

Alter egos are not simply another role that you take on. Whether as a parent, spouse, an employee or a boss, you simply respond to the roles according to who you are and the nature of your personality. I'm still coming to terms with my alter ego and understanding this emerging personality in me. Its a significant change from my usual self as it also affects my mindset as a parent, spouse, friend and employee.

Which leads me to another point: Does Religion alter our personality?  It certainly altered mine and became a part of me. I wouldn't say it harmed my ego. Some good surfaced eventually.

Yet, my Alter Ego has come out of its closet despite knowing Religion for years. It is called 'The Self' side and not entwined with any role that I'm involved in. Through it, I've rediscovered my 'new' self.

Do alter egos surface at mid-life? Mine did. To some extent, circumstances may have given me the opportunity to find it. When I look at life from this altered perspective, I'd say its like a box of chocolates-full of twists and surprises.