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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why Slim Fit Worked For me

Before I write this, allow me to clarify your doubts.

First: I'm not sponsored to write this review for Slim Fit Bust program. I've thought of doing it months ago but remained hesitant for the sake of privacy. Not many women like to announce to the world that their assets have grown. Hence, I've remained silent to this day.

Second: I won't share what I've not seen or experienced. Neither will I post any pictures of my cleavage here unlike what some bloggers did. To each her own. I have no connections with the Spa except my position as a satisfied Slim Fit customer.

But my end is near. I've one more session of bust treatment with Slim Fit and it will be over this week.

If you were once a customer and felt the same results like me, I'm happy for you. Results DO vary. I can't boast that I've grown 2 cups after a year but its important to understand your own biological make up. Genetics such as hormonal changes, breast composition, age, diet, lifestyle and exercise affect the rate of breast development and response to the bust program tailored by the spa.

In my case and taking my age and other factors into consideration, I'm certainly pleased to see that its shape and size have changed. The curves have indeed surfaced. I've bought new bras in the past few months as well. While some of you may be put off by the time taken to see the results, I have been patient because I am aware of my own body.

As a former A-cupper and a mother of two who is now well into her forties, I have to be realistic. I have never been fat as I am born to run. Hence, my physique isn't that well-endowed to begin with. But a year on since 26 September 2013, my bust transformation has been gradual but definite.

The botanical oils at Slim Fit have done their magic. I can feel my glands more easily now. They have grown. It grew significantly faster on my left than my right side but that is the nature of my body. Even when I was breastfeeding ten years ago, I had known all along that one breast was relatively smaller than the other. If you were a mirror, you would've seen how much it shrank after I stopped breastfeeding! My only regret is not getting professional help soon enough and ignoring them for a few years before I resorted to over-the-counter products from Watson's and Sasa.

That didn't help much either in my case. The results weren't permanent although I felt fuller for awhile after each application of a particular cream/serum. I've tried 3 over-the-counter products in a span of 5-6 years until I began to seriously consider Slim Fit last year.

I would be lying if I said the package was affordable. To see results, no one pays peanuts. I've paid an arm and a leg in a span of one year. To most of you, its really not worth the money. In fact, I've asked myself over and over again why I chose Slim Fit despite the high costs.

It is pricey, I don't deny that. But there is personal satisfaction. Its now or never. My biological clock is ticking fast and I only live once. Face it: I did it in the name of Beauty. Besides, I didn't have to go under the knife for it. Its pure massage and the oils have actually benefited me in other aspects.

First, my hair is shinier and thicker. Second, my skin seems to have improved. Third, my libido has changed. At my age, I have to attribute all these to the botanical oils they used at Slim Fit. I love the oils. I started with a basic one for the first three months, progressing to Nano and finally on Naroma. I'm still using Naroma oil today.

A kind word I wish to add for the female therapists. They did their best and massaged both my busts thoroughly when I was there almost every week. It was initially painful but over time, I've gotten used to it. Were there any bruises? Nope. Except bruises from my own fingers in the first few weeks! Since the day I bought the home-care oils, I've never missed a single day of massage except once when I was overseas and there was no more oil to massage on the last day.

As for the sales tactics, I admit I was initially intimidated but if the products/service they sell convince you that its worth a try, you can still take your time to consider and do your research. Not just research on their products but even your own physiological make up.

At the end of the day,  no one can force you to buy anything that you are unsure of. Besides, the results obtained by one customer differs from individual to individual. Weigh your opportunity costs - Dollars & cents versus Personal Satisfaction.

I'd like to thank Yvonne, candy, kelly, Alexandra and those whose names I've forgotten. Excuse  my memory. But most of all, I would like to thank Karen Neo, my personal consultant, for her assistance and kind understanding for the past year. She has been a great support for me in terms of my progress. I'm not selling their products, rest assured. But I think they deserve my praise. If you wish to do a consultation, go to Karen Neo. I like her sincerity.

Would I continue with Slim Fit again if I have the means to do so? Absolutely!